New: Media Mentorship Forum & Workshop, Dec 2020

Close readers of Tap, Click, Read will know that media mentorship is a concept that shows up in several chapters on how to support families and children. This week, New America is hosting a three-day forum (three 90-minute sessions) on media mentorship, with a focus on digital equity, media literacy, and the role of public librarians.

From the event page:

The need for media mentorship gained tremendous urgency this year. Educators and parents continue to be deluged by new types of media and digital tools. Becoming an informed citizen now demands new skills in filtering out disinformation and learning mindsets that advance media literacy. And the Covid-19 pandemic means more and more of our learning experiences are mediated by digital media and technology, with questions of digital equity front and center.

Join us for a national forum on how media mentorship meets this moment, with three 90-minute sessions over three days co-hosted by Chicago Public Library, Skokie Public Library, and Schaumburg Township District Library. Speakers from across the country will address key questions about equity and access, family engagement, media literacy, and learning in the age of Covid and beyond. The final day is an open workshop for librarians and other educators looking to develop innovations and build new outreach efforts into their programming for 2021.

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