Posted June 6, 2016

NAEYC PDI: Tap, Click, Read: Critical Literacy for the Class of 2030

At the annual professional development institute of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, Lisa and Michael will be speaking about the research behind their book. Learn about approaches to literacy development that use new tools but put the power in the hands of educators and families. Watch and discuss short videos that spotlight how community organizations are harnessing technology in new ways. Get insights from new studies on what works and what doesn’t in using digital media to promote language development and early literacy. Explore new policies that could ensure all children have opportunities to be part of ecosystems of language development and literacy using print and digital media of all kinds.

Photo by Hannah Cutler, The Governance Lab
Posted September 24, 2015

Mapping the Landscape of Readialand: Michael Levine at The Governance Lab

This post was written by The GovLab and originally appeared on the Joan Ganz Cooney Center website in July 2015. Televisions, touchscreens, and smartphones are now almost ubiquitous in homes. Many young children are watching, listening to, or interacting with two to three hours of screen media per day. In a recent installment of the Ideas Lunch series at the Governance Lab, a Brooklyn-based action research lab focused on the use of new technology to govern better, the Cooney Center’s Michael Levine explained that rather than portending the death of reading, devices, apps, and tools can help children learn by fostering a conversation with kids about what they are seeing. In his talk, Levine discussed his new book Tap, Click, Read: Growing Readers in a World of Screen (and other Cooney Center publications), in which he and co-author Lisa Guernsey of New America lay out the contours and landscape of what they call “Readialand,” a place where adults have the...Read More >