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    Photo credits: Top row and bottom row images by Chris Cascarano, Zero One Projects; Michael Levine photo by Robin Oelkers; Book Cover by Wiley Publishing; Lisa Guernsey photo by Amanda R. Gaines.

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    In Tap, Click, Read authors Lisa Guernsey and Michael H. Levine envision a future that is human-centered first and tech-assisted second. They document how educators and parents can lead a new path to a place they call “Readialand”—a literacy-rich world that marries reading and digital media to bring knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to all of our children. This approach is driven by the urgent need for low-income children and parents to have access to the same 21st-century literacy opportunities already at the fingertips of today’s affluent families. With stories from homes, classrooms and cutting edge tech labs, accessible translation of new research, and compelling videos, Guernsey and Levine help educators, parents, and America’s leaders tackle the questions that arise as digital media plays a larger and larger role in children’s lives, starting in their very first years of life.